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Developed for you by a Qualified Inventory Clerk

Your time is important. Most landlords and letting agents spend 2-3 hours doing a property inventory and then 2 hours putting it all together.
This is dead time. Discover how to do everything in under an hour.



Property Inventory Tracker is your new innovative property inventory app.

Let me ask you would you like to:

  • Slash your property inventory costs by at least 50%
  • Cut your time spent doing inventories
  • Generate an additional income stream
  • Have all the leg work done for you

If so, then discover our new property inventory app which has been designed with you in mind.


Our qualified and highly experienced inventory clerk has completed over 3,000 property inventories and has developed a thorough and easy-to-follow process to ensure that you have covered everything in the minimum time. Our proven process, user-friendly property inventory app and transcription service- save you time and money.

You can download your free copy of our e-guide “How to Do Property Inventories Quickly” which contains our process here.


1. Time Saving

Time is money whether you are an accidental landlord or a letting agent who manages 200 properties.  Property Inventory Tracker has been custom-tailored to drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend on this important task.  Time-tested against other apps, you can halve the time you need to spend in a property and have your audio transcribed for you- no more time wasted typing at your desk.

2. Cut Costs

With the recent interest rate rise, tax changes and upcoming tenancy fee ban, it is vital that you cut costs where you can without sacrificing quality.  Inventory clerks typically cost £80 for a three-bedroom, unfurnished property.  You can do your own inventory but most letting agents and landlords are rightly concerned about getting it correct.  Property Inventory Tracker and your free e-guide, containing our unique process, give you what you need to ensure that you get it right- while saving you money!

3. A Unique Process

Many landlords and letting agents either miss out key points in the inventory (such as skirting boards, doors, handles etc.) or spend a huge amount of time trying to ensure they have captured everything.  The best solution is to adopt our easy-to-follow process which ensures that you capture everything and maintain compliance while saving you time.  Many apps give you some functionality to help you do property inventories but a tool without instructions is usually a liability.

4. Time and Date Stamped Photos with Audio Dictation

The most sought-after feature is time and date stamped photos.  These provide you with the evidence you need and help you to avoid disputes at check out.  Audio dictation allows you to do an inventory quickly. Many apps have tiresome and time-consuming drop-down menus.  You can avoid the unnecessary frustration (and the learning curve) by using our audio dictation feature.  Our professional transcribers will put your information into our polished, yet easy to use, template.

5. Video Inventory Option

Our exclusive video inventory option is perfect for doing HMOs and single lets. The video app is your quickest option. It highlights the compliance of your furnishings (e.g. first safety labels on mattresses, sofas etc.) and the condition of your property and its contents. If required, you could have audio transcribed but can choose not to.

6. Simple Interim Inspections Videos

Interim inspections are important but many landlords and letting agents just don’t have the time to do them.  Our video option makes them quick and easy– taking less than 10 minutes in most cases.  These videos provide reassurance to landlords and help letting agents to best manage properties.

7. Easy and Quick Check Out

Most landlords and letting agents are worried about things going wrong at the end of the tenancy.  Our app and process will remove these fears (as everything is recorded) and will make doing the check out process and producing the necessary report quick and easy.  This report should not take you hours to compile. It is a vital document, as it evidences why you are withholding part of the deposit and needs to be done correctly.  Our app and process ensure that you document what you need to and have the required evidence.

How it Works

You can download our property inventory app for your iPhone or iPad below. 
We invite you to take it for a test drive around one of your properties today.

Link to our property inventory app.
Link to our property inventory app.