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How to Do Over 100 Inventories in One Week

Many letting agents need to do over 100 inventories in one week- when all the students check in.  Even if you don’t need to do this, then would you like to know how to do a thorough inventory in about 30 minutes? 

Most letting agents take around 2 hours or more to do the inventory for a 3-bedroom property even when using a helpful app.  Without an app, you are looking at 3 hours plus.

Even experienced inventory clerks take an hour and a half.  Then you are looking at 2 hours to write up the report.

Time to do a complete inventory and report

This is simply wasted time and money.  Using our unique process, custom-tailored app and professional transcription service, you can get the total time down to just 30-45 minutes.  The actual time depends on your experience with our app and process. 

You and your staff will receive complimentary training on our innovative inventory process.  This ensures that you get all the information you need at the level of detail you want without having to worry that something has been overlooked.

Time Taken Without App vs. With App

210 Mins
30 Mins
Our app has been developed by an experienced property inventory clerk and gives you the choice of:
  • Photos and audio OR
  • Video and audio (for transcription) OR
  • Video with sound

All time and date stamped with no dropdown menus!!  Many apps take an age to use simply because of the number of dropdown menus.  They were obviously developed by someone who has no experience of actually doing a property inventory.

We have taken the strain out of inventories by providing a cost-effective professional transcriptions service who will turn your audio into a white-labelled professional report using our proven template.  If you don’t need a report, e.g. you are doing a HMO or an interim inspection, then you can just use the video only option.

You can use our app for a minimum of 120 inventories and check-outs using our office license for just £250 per month.  The app can be used by everyone in your office.  If you have multiple offices, then you need a license per office.  So, for less than a round of coffees for the office every week day, you can increase your efficiency eight-fold.  If you were only paying the minimum wage, then our app would still save you £27.40 per inventory check.  Do 10 inventories per month then that’s a saving of £274 per month.

The cost of transcription and formatting is just £10.  You can then add your company logo to our professional looking report and present it to your tenant for signing.  We also transcribe check-out for only £10.  Given that the average inventory takes 2 hours to write up, then this would cost you a minimum of £15.66 to get something that doesn’t look as professional.

But how do I know that my agents or administration staff will get it right?  The answer is simple- our complimentary in-house training delivered at your office.

In-House Training

In 1-2 days, depending on the experience of your staff, our qualified and veteran property inventory clerk will show your staff how to quickly do a complete and standard inventory using our proven process. She will also go out with your staff and help them do their first inventory report in the field.This ensures that all your staff know:

  • The theory behind professional inventories and check outs
  • How to use the app to get the best result
  • How to do a professional property inventory and a standard checkout quickly
  • That they have the knowledge needed through doing an inventory on site
This will minimise the risk of disputes and it gives you something to share with your landlords as an additional professional service.
With the upcoming tenant fee ban, expected in April 2019, it is important that you have a way to recover this lost money.  This can be done through increased efficiencies and offering landlord’s additional services for a premium such as video inventories and interim inspections that they can see on-line.
Interested?  If you are interested or want further information, then contact Suki at