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Do Your Own An Inventory Like a Property Inventory Clerk

Property Inventory Tracker was developed so that you could do your own inventories like an inventory clerk.  You can do them in less time and still maintain the high quality professional feel without using an inventory clerk by using our extra features.

Transcription Package

As part of our distinctive service, we offer a transcription package. Our professional transcribers will turn your audio into flowing text and add it into our polished template. All our templates our white-labelled so you can add your own logo and present your client and tenant with a professional looking and easy to understand inventory.

All this for just an extra £10.

Free Training for Letting Agents

There is a growing trend of letting agents doing inventories, interim inspections and check outs in-house. This is part of the cost cutting exercise that every letting agent must do following the tenancy fee ban.

If you are going to do this professional service in-house then it is vital that your staff are fully trained by a professional and experienced inventory clerk. Our app speeds up the process while recording the necessary details. However, your staff do need to understand and follow our fail-safe inventory process. Our professional inventory clerk will deliver our course at your office. This will take them through the theory and practical steps before conducting on-site trials with them so you can rest assured that it will be done correctly.

Low Cost Group Training for Landlords

Specifically developed for landlords who want more information than the e-guide provides. Courses will be organised at central locations across the UK where there are 5 or more landlords interested in attending for just £70 per person.

This one-day course will show you:

  • The importance of getting inventories and check outs right
  • The theory behind inventories, interim inspections and check outs
  • Step-by-step our unique inventory and check out processes
  • What critical evidence you need to include to avoid disputes
  • How to save time and money by efficiently using the Property Inventory Tracker App
How it Works

Unlike other app providers, we give you a process, a support service and training if required. An app, on its own will not ensure that you get it right. It is only by combining it with a proven process that you know it will be done right. Our transcription service minimises the time you need to spend producing reports and our training will ensure you or your team can get the most from the app.

You can download the app for your iPhone or IPad below.
We invite you to take it for a test drive around one of your properties today.

Link to our property inventory app.
Link to our property inventory app.
Support with Student Lets

We have a dedicated team of Inventory Clerks who are expert at completing student check outs and inventories in record time. Many inventory clerks steer clear from student lets as in most university towns, the old students move out and new ones in within a 2-week period.

This places a massive demand on inventory clerks with many being asked to complete 200 or more check outs and inventories within a 2-week period. It was this demand that lead to the development of the Property Inventory Tracker and the refinement of our inventory process. However, you still need people to go out and do the inventory and, in most cases, it is not feasible for a letting agent to take on extra staff just to fulfil this brief demand.

If you want some cost-effective support with student lets, then please contact us.