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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to do an inventory using your app?

Roughly 30 minutes for an unfurnished 3-bedroom semi-detached. We have time tested our app against our competitors where it can easily take you 2 or more hours to complete an inventory.

The exact time depends on numerous factors such as your experience and training. If you have not downloaded your free e-book yet, we recommend that you do so here. By following our process, you will know that you have everything covered and only need to do one sweep rather than needing to revisit areas again.

How difficult is it to use?

If you can take photos with your camera, then you can use this app. There are no drop-down boxes, no typing and we provide report templates for your convenience. All you need to do is to take photos and talk or press record on the video.

How do I manage multiple properties?

You can set up a different file for each property. Due to the size of the files, we do not recommend that you store them permanently on your iPad or iPhone but you e-mail them across to yourself at the end of the day and then delete them from your device.

Why is it important to follow your process?

Our process has been designed by a qualified and experienced Inventory Clerk to minimise the time you spend doing your inventory and check out whilst ensuring that everything is covered. The process is your re-assurance that you have done it right in the minimal time.

What devices can I use your app on?

Currently the app is available for iPhone and iPad. We recommend that you use an iPad for inventories and check outs. This ensures that you are not interrupted by a phone call and some people find these easier to use. You may prefer to use your phone in which case we suggest that you put it into airplane mode before you start the inventory.

How do I get it from my phone or iPad to my computer?

When you get back to your home or office, you simply e-mail it to yourself as either:

  • A voice file with the photos in our document template which has four photos per page OR
  • A video file

You can then forward these to your tenant to sign.

What happens if a tenant disagrees with your inventory report?

You send the report to your tenant and they have 7 days to either accept it or add additional comments. You do not need to produce an additional report, you simply agree any amendments with your tenant.

If they have not responded within 7 days, your report is deemed to have been accepted by them.

Do I need to have internet access to use your app?

No- the app sits on your iPhone or iPad and the information is recorded on it. You can safely do reports without a signal or with your device in airplane mode.

What happens if I start a report and don’t finish it?

Don’t worry- your video or audio and photos are saved to your device. We do recommend that you don’t stop mid-way through as this will cost you time. So we highly recommend that you minimise potential distractions by placing your device into “airplane mode”.

What type of reports can I use Property Inventory Tracker for?

You can use to it to produce:

  • Property inventories
  • Interim reports
  • Check-out inventory

What does an inventory report contain?

  • Meter locations and readings
  • Photo of keys supplied
  • General condition of the property
  • Location of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms and testing
  • Photographs or video of the whole property
  • A fully detailed written report including all fixtures and fittings, appliance manuals, fire safety labels and any HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) issues or concerns

There are various horror stories were tenants have swapped the high quality white goods in a property for inferior ones. However, without having a record of the make and model of each appliance, how do you prove this? This is just one reason it is important that your inventory is correct.

What an inventory report should contain is fully covered in our e-guide.

What does an “Interim Visit” report contain?

An interim report contains:

  • General cleanliness of the property
  • Any signs of damp
  • Any repairs or maintenance required at the property
  • Any signs of subletting
  • Any signs of smoking
  • Any indication of pets if not allowed under tenancy rules
  • Any breaches of the tenancy

What does a check-out report contain?

A check out report is completed when the tenant has moved out.  You use it to determine if any deductions are to be made from their deposit. This is done by comparing the state of the property now to when the original inventory is completed.

During a check out, you are looking for differences to the original while allowing for fair wear and tear.

  • The final meter readings
  • General description of the condition and cleanliness of the property
  • How many keys are returned
  • If tenant is present, their forwarding address for any correspondence
  • Written and photographic evidence of any changes which will then be used to claim the monies from their deposit- e.g. in the event of damaged or missing items

What is the transcription service?

The transcription service means that your audio (from your video or audio file) will be typed up by a professional saving you a considerable amount of time. The report our service produces uses our professional template and is white-labelled so that you can add your own logo to it, if desired.

How quickly will I receive my transcribed report?

You will receive your professional transcribed report within 48 hours of sending us your video or audio file and photos.

Please contact us for more information.